The Lighthouse Strategy

For all projects, we walk our clients through “The Lighthouse Strategy”, our proprietary and permission-based marketing methodology. Here on island, word of mouth is more important than ever; let’s build a buzz about your business, while making sure that your ideal clients are attracted to you and FIND you at the moment they’re looking for what you have to offer.

And for the love of all things good, remember that your best marketing “strategies” are related to what you share and who you are:

  1. Do what you’re passionate about, and do it well.

  2. Don’t be shy about sharing it with others; tell the world!

  3. Genuinely care about your fellow business owners and other friends who love this beautiful island.

  4. Take care of this place, and play nice!

We can speak in more detail with specifics. You’ll know if it’s a good fit to work together if this makes sense to you to keep these kinds of details at the core of the specifics.

about mvy marketing

Founded and managed by Éva Raposa (hi! Éva writing this whole page!), MVY Marketing is a boutique website design and digital marketing agency devoted to serving businesses based on the lovely island of Martha’s Vineyard.

While we take special care of our paying clients, the truth is that we want to see MVY businesses succeeding as a whole. So as an individual, I spend the vast majority of my income right here on island and often promote MVY businesses at no cost. As a business owner, I look to work with people who do the same and love to spread the love!

My love for our island + the humans and businesses here = why I started MVY Marketing!

Please note: I’d love to add you to the schedule; please keep in mind that I currently have a waiting list for new clients until October of 2019. If you have urgent needs, you might connect with Angela and Marnely over at http://shoredupdigital.com (but they might also have a waiting list!)

Thanks for visiting!

And thank you for anything and everything you do for our island and our beautiful planet. I’d be delighted to see you connect using the button below. Regardless, I hope to see you around and wish you the best of success in all earth- and island-friendly endeavors!

P.S. Were you actually looking for info about this PROJECT, not Éva or MVY Marketing? CLICK HERE for more info about the project itself.